Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review & Video Demo

Product Description:

The Medela Symphony Breast Pump (see it here) is Medela’s newest hospital-grade, double electric breast pump.  If you’re looking for the Best of the Best, look no further. The Medela Symphony is designed to produce a faster let-down, as well as more efficient expression, completely emptying your breasts. Lactation specialists agree, if you’re looking to establish your milk supply, the Medela Symphony is the key. Noted for being one of the most gentle and efficient hospital-grade breast pumps available, the Symphony is also extremely quiet and offers all BPA/DEHP free parts.

The Medela Symphony is the result of years of lactation research, offering Medela’s signature 2 phase expression technology, stimulation and expression mode, as well as a one-touch letdown, the Symphony has been proven to reduce pumping time giving you a faster let-down.  The Medela Symphony also offers pre-programmed cards that allow you to save setting such as vacuum strength settings in both the stimulation and expression mode, as well as maximum comfort vacuum, which is basically your specific comfort level,  making your pump time more efficient.

The Medela Symphony comes with everything you need right out of the box, including 2 PersonalFit Breastshields standard size 24mm, with 2 connectors, 2 valves & 2 membranes, collection containers (bottles) and lids, protective membranes and caps, as well as an instructional manual, container stand, and a Symphony 2.0 Program Card. The Medela Symphony is designed to be multi-user friendly.  In fact, additional Double Pumping Kits are available separately for around $40.00.

Features Include:

  • Hospital-grade double electric breast pump also offers single pumping
  • Whisper quiet – programmed to automatically shut off after 30 minutes (it’s so quiet, it kept getting left on, so they added this feature)
  • 2 Phase expression technology – stimulation and expression
  • One-touch let down
  • Vacuum regulator controls both speed and suction
  • Standard Symphony 2.0 Program Card – Saves personal settings, allows you to also save your personal maximum comfort vacuum level.
  • Proven to produce faster let-down and more efficient pumping time
  • 2 PersonalFit Breast shields (24mm)
  • Comes with full double pumping kit, including Breast shield connectors, valves & membranes, collection containers and lids, tubing, protective membranes, and membrane caps.
  • DPA/DEHP free
  • The Medela Symphony Plus comes with a rechargeable battery

Video Demonstration:


My Review:

After researching several reviews on the Medela Symphony, I’ve come to a few conclusions. First of all, the Symphony is like the “Cream of the Crop,” it’s the top of the line. Lactation specialists LOVE this breast pump, and so do all the Mom’s that use it. In fact, I had a hard time finding any negative feedback, aside from the price of course.

Secondly, if for some reason your milk supply is low, whether it’s because your baby was born early and your body isn’t up to speed, or because your baby is having trouble latching on and nursing, in order to build and establish your milk supply, which must be done in the first 4 weeks, you must use a hospital-grade, double electric breast pump, and the Medela Symphony is perfect! Other double electric breast pumps, like the Medela Pump In Style, are meant to be used when your milk supply has already been established. The Medela Symphony is the closest a breast pump will ever get to simulating the real thing, with its 2 phase expression technology, it is designed to mimic your baby’s natural sucking rhythm perfectly, therefore producing a faster let-down, and efficiently emptying out your breasts. This must be done to signal your body to produce more milk.

Reasons to Buy:

Thirdly, the Medela Symphony is definitely worth its price tag if….

  • you plan on breastfeeding & pumping exclusively for more than 11 months
  • if your baby is unable to nurse and you’d still like him/her to receive the best possible nutrients
  • if you plan on breastfeeding for over 11 months and you’re a full time working Mom
  • if you plan on having more than one child and need to have the option of bottle feeding your breast milk
  • or if you just want the BEST of the BEST

The Medela Symphony is expensive, and if you’d just like to use it to establish your milk supply at home, I would suggest renting it from your local Hospital or Medical Supply Store. They’re usually around $80/month, so if you only plan on using it for a month or two, renting is the better option. If you plan on using it for several months, after about 11 or 12 months, you’re already into it for almost $1000.00. At that rate, you might as well buy it, then later (since it’s designed to be a multi-user pump) you can resell it and make some money back. Check and see if the Medela Symphony is available at your local Hospital or Medical Supply Store first, and see how much it costs to rent monthly, then go from there.

The Medela Symphony is hands down, the best double electric breast pump available. I normally include a Good and Bad list with my reviews, but there just isn’t any bad, aside from the price. Check out the below customer feedback, and see for yourself.