Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade Breast Pump Review


The Medela Lactina Select Hospital Breast Pump is designed to meet the most stringent demands when it comes to hygiene and mobility. This is a multi-user pump, and it has been designed specifically so that all components which come into contact with milk can easily and efficiently be taken apart and cleaned and sterilized. The Medela Lactina Select (see it here) works in conjunction with the Lactina Double Pump System Kit (see it here), sold separately.

The Medela Lactina Select is ideal for frequent and long-term pumping needs. You can use it either as a double breast pump or a single breast pump, and the kit can be detached from the unit and used as a manual breast pump as well. The Medela Lactina Select also comes with a battery pack and the option of purchasing a vehicle lighter adapter sold separately.

The Medela Lactina Hospital Grade Breast Pump offers variable speed and vacuum settings. The pumping speed knob is found on the pump unit, and the vacuum regulator is found on the double pumping kit cylinder. Together, using both features you can set your maximum comfort level, allowing you to pump more efficiently, expressing more milk in less time. The Medela Lactina offers a built-in vacuum release that protects against excessive or prolonged suction.

The Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade Breast Pump is the leading electric breast pump used by hospitals, rental stations, and DME’s worldwide.

Medela Lactina Select Features:

    • Long-term frequent use – ideal for initiating and sustaining milk supply
    • Multi-user breast pump – must be used with the Lactina Double Pump Kit – Sold Separately
    • Automatic pumping with a vacuum strength range of 100-240 mmHG
    • Automatic suck and release – 40-60 CPM’s (cycles per minute)
    • Built-in vacuum release protects against excessive or prolonged suction
    • Variable speed and vacuum settings – vacuum regulator is found of Pump Kit Cylinder
    • Offers both double and single pumping
    • Double pump kit converts into a manual breast pump
    • Battery pack included but Vehicle lighter adapter is sold separately
    • All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA-free

Video Demonstration:

This short video gives you an idea as to how the Medela Lactina works, and how quiet it is. Thanks, Breastmates for sharing this video.


The Medela Lactina Select is a top of the line hospital grade breast pump. It is designed for long-term frequent use, and it’s multi-user friendly. Many women turn to the Medela Lactina Select when a baby is unable to nurse, or when their milk supply drops. It is expensive, therefore most choose to rent it from their local hospital or medical supply store. However, if you intend on using it for an extended period of time, or perhaps with more children down the road, you may be better off purchasing it. You can sometimes find it on Amazon under new but refurbished for as little as $900.00 (click to see current price). Most of the refurbished Medela Lactina Select Breast Pumps were used as a rental at one time, and since the pumping kits are separate, they can be sold continuously.

In order to use the Medela Lactina Select, you have to purchase a Lactina Double Pumping Kit which can be purchased here. This kit includes two milk collection units with two standard PersonalFit 24mm breast shields, along with all the tubes, bottles, membranes, and valves. The Medela Lactina Kit also comes with a cylinder and piston that connects to the pump. This is where the vacuum strength is controlled, and also where you determine your maximum vacuum comfort level.

As far as reviews go, reviewers rated the Medela Lactina Select highly, and since I usually try to provide a list of Good and Bad with all of my reviews I searched for some negative feedback. The only con I could found was the price. Most of the reviewers were first introduced to the Medela Lactina Select in the hospital and later rented it for use at home. Several of the reviewers commented that it was the only pump they would ever use again. Some even stated that it was more comfortable then Baby, and one reviewer explained that it saved her milk supply.

All in all, if you have the chance to purchase the Medela Lactina Select at a reasonable price, do it! Especially if you plan on using it for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that once you’ve finished using it, you can sell it, and make a large portion of the purchase price back. If you can’t buy it, then rent it from the hospital or your local medical supply store. It usually costs somewhere around $300 to $600 dollars a month, and it’s totally worth it. Once you’ve established your milk supply using the Medela Lactina, you can look into purchasing a double electric breast pump to maintain it. A high-end double electric breast pump will usually cost you around $150 to $250 dollars.

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