Best Breast Pump for Twins

The double electric pumps for sale vary widely in quality. A high-quality breast pump will have enough power for double pumping without sacrificing suction or speed. The number of cycles per minute (CPM) a pump provides is the most important consideration.
For Example:

  • A pump with a single speed of 30 to 35 cpm probably will not keep up a milk supply for mothers who need to pump more than once a day. This pump is recommended only for occasional use.
  • A pump that offers a range of 40 to 60 cpm will work for moms who need to pump more than once a day or who are working full time.

Pumps that allow for adjustments of both rate and suction strength can more closely mimic a nursing baby. Many moms find this feature beneficial.

These are the Top 2 Breast Pump for Twins:


  • Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pump – Bellababy is actually a better price range and has all of the high-quality features of the Medela pumps! I found it to be pain-free and I love the high-definition display! The Bellabay unit lacks the “cooling-system” that Medela has which includes: Removable cooler bag, contoured ice pack, and (4) breastmilk bottles with lids. With the Bellababy you get 2 bottles and 10 bags. My choice was clear! I can pick up an ice pack and cooler back at the Dollar Tree for a couple of dollars and will have less money out of pocket for the same great quality! – Read reviews and check the price on Amazon.
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump – Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump offers customizable suction strength and cycle speed settings. The infinitely adjustable cycle speed and suction strength of the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump offers an unlimited number of combinations, allowing you to find the pumping method that works best for you. This brand is the number one recommended brand by doctors, however, it is twice the price compared to Bellababy.  – Read reviews and check the price on Amazon


In the past, Medela has been the clear leader in breast pumps. Today, for me, Medela has fallen behind the competition from Bellababy. Bellababy double breast pump was indeed pain-free with strong suction power. I really liked the touch panel high definition display! I’m extremely happy with it!